Montag, 22. September 2014

Le Pull Mignon

Resisting temptation is indeed an incredible challenge to handle and given the beautiful back and
elegant bow, le Pull Mignon de Claudie Pierlot silently convinced me winking at me every now
and then to remind me of its charm and beauty. After a few times in the changing room, a couple
of selfies (thank god for the self timer of iOS 8.0) and after rumour had spread about the slightly
worrying behaviour of a young lady wearing the same navy blue hat and coat every time appearing,
I finally gave in. Story of my life.
Hope you are all happy and well!


miss annie

Sonntag, 7. September 2014

Drifted Ashore

hat - Vintage, skirt & shirt - Zara, cardigan - H&M, earrings - Accessorize

As September has been surprisingly good so far and summer is getting its fair share of a few more
moments this year, these last few photos of my short but sweet trip to the seaside had to be squeezed
in before I will finally give in to jackets, autumn coats, brimmed hats, burgundy and falling leaves.
 Reality will be knocking on our doors soon enough anyway.


miss annie

Donnerstag, 28. August 2014

Floating in the Blue

shorts - Topshop, striped blouse - H&M, ring -  Moss Copenhagen, earrings - Swarovski

right hand polaroid shot with my instax mini 8

Right now that I have finally moved to Munich and enrolled myself in mathematics, which involved
an awful lot queuing, although I got up as early as 6 am and hardly lost time during my morning
routine (which is mainly restricted to having breakfast), I am missing the calming waves
of the sea more than ever. Furthermore, I have found myself a new distraction and obsession,
which is the monitoring of crowd funding sites and specific projects. Current favourites:
The NUI-case, the Noke and Cabin.


miss annie

Freitag, 22. August 2014

Telling Stories


backstage shot from a shooting with Victor and Laura

the best café in Copenhagen

iconic gas station designed by Arne Jacobsen

ice cream break & signature look of Copenhagen's tiny streets

beautiful food at an Impressionista PR event

One thing I want to add to these photos is, that whenever you are in Copenhagen, do not miss out 
on Tivoli if you can arrange it. With its magical elements, colourful details and joyful atmosphere 
the idyllic park will immediately evoke childhood memories and a craving for some pastel pink
candy floss or a bite of the divine chocolate sticks at Simply Chocolate.


miss annie

Freitag, 15. August 2014

Copenhagen Fashion Week

before the show

Stine Ladefoged

what Yvan does best

Victor from Quod Couture

Après Baum und Pferdgarten; my Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs

my instax mini 8 in action

Marie from Nemesis, Babe

shoes - Kenzo, sunglasses - Prada, dress - Laura's own design

While I had a hard time telling everyone that I had indeed not traveled to Copenhagen for the mere
intention of attending fashion week, group pressure reigned my apparently weakened will and off 
I went. To tell the truth, I have never had an even equally amazing summer filled to the brim with
new experiences, friends, laughter and sunshine. Special thanks go to Victor and Laura!


miss annie